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with over 50 years in
theatre & performance

Meet Kate Roberts

The excitable loudmouth reading in assemblies at Primary school, performing in school shows and acting out made-up plays with a gang of five friends in my garden shed! It's wild to think that I’ve been on a stage of some kind for 50+ years!

It stepped it up a notch when I joined the Clwyd Youth Theatre aged 14. It was during these teenage years, immersed in the world of professional theatre that I discovered it was not necessarily performing that I loved (or was that good at!), but what happened when a group came together: connecting, collaborating, creating and, through sheer hard work and dedication, producing a piece of drama worthy of an audience. 


My Clwyd Youth Theatre experience taught me some very important lessons: how to work as a team, the importance of listening to others, when to accept guidance and advice, that sometimes silence is more powerful than speech and sometimes letting others shine is the way to go. Most importantly, although I didn’t realise it fully at the time, I came to understand that every single person is an individual and has their own unique voice.

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It’s the expression of a person’s voice that has driven my career; 

in education, working as a holiday rep, writing and performing in plays, forming theatre companies, guiding and coaching, facilitating groups, and collaborating with others: my goal is for an individual to discover and express their own voice. 
And I'm inviting you to participate in the abundance of experience I've gained during that time. 

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I’ve worked with individuals and groups in the UK, the Republic of Ireland, Europe, the Middle East and India and collaborated with companies such as the Ajman Planning Department, The American University of Sharjah, Careers Wales, Coleg Harlec, Liverpool Housing Trust, A4e, Youthreach, Clwyd Theatr Cymru, Cheshire Youth Theatre, Stagecoach Theatre Arts, Dramart, Diverbo, Language Vacation, TATA Steel UK and Anwyl. 


Since graduating with a Postgraduate Certificate in Education in Secondary Drama in 1994 and becoming not only a teacher but a freelance theatre practitioner, it's been my mission to help individuals, groups and organisations, businesspeople, and employees discover and express their unique voice. Supporting them with the tools and strategies to navigate in an increasingly chaotic and unpredictable world. 

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I have always been passionate about the other. Let's Talk!

Who are you? Where have you come from? Where are you going? What's your story?


I embrace life fully - surrendering to each moment with as much good grace and humour as possible - no matter what it brings!


So, if you need a way to find, and express your own voice, and live life as YOU, let’s talk!

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No matter where you are in life, or what you do, whether you are an individual trying to find purpose and direction, a company director or an organisation leader looking for an innovative interactive experience for your team to participate in, I want to help you.

To explore your options, just get in touch. I have a friendly, relaxed approach – an informal discovery session over coffee on or offline is often a great way to find out what your next steps look like.

Next Steps
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