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bring life to your space
through performance & art


the starting point

the spark of inspiration


the chance to freely explore

the limitless expression


the process of discerning

the slow intentional refinement

My work is dynamic and multi-dimensional, ranging from that of a theatre-maker (performance art installations, writing, directing and curating), artist (photography and mark-making) and researcher (exploring the topics of theatre arts, creativity, and business).

Schedule a discovery call to find out how I can reflect, enhance and showcase your places and spaces - private or public - through performance, art and words. 


I invite you to explore my Creative Journey below...

Performance Art Installations 

‘Men and Women of Steel: Stories of Shotton Works' at the Deeside Sixth Form Hub in Connah’s Quay (February – April 2023)

Steel. Site. Speaks. is collaboration between myself, Deeside Sixth/Coleg Cambria and sponsored by Tata Steel at Shotton Works.

Steel For Website2.jpg
Performance Art Installation

Steel. Site. Speaks. 

“Tata Steel in Shotton is delighted to support this local installation.”

“Sharing our history and our future plan through art is an engaging creative approach that I fully support.”


Works Manager, Bill Duckworth


Driven by a desire to understand the nature of relationships, I have always been curious about where we are coming from and going; my writing explores themes such as obsession, addiction, jealousy, often fatal attraction, death, and transformation. Much of my work is dark and deep. Characters often experience intense momentary encounters. Affairs are usually short-lived and sometimes emotionally damaging, but the characters never fail to embrace life and live it fully, in all its forms. 


I’m currently working on two One-Act plays, The Rebecca Syndrome and Nuthouse.

Hacked Off Small.png

Hacked Off

"This was theatre at its most exciting. The kind of theatre I want to see more of."

Sophie McKeand: The Absurd

One-Act Play:

Hacked Off tells the story of Marie Johnson, a 30-something in the middle of a blind dating frenzy after a 'disastrous break-up with a fabulously-bad-for-me-boyfriend'. Written in 2005 before the ruthless and heartless 'swipe right' culture of Tinder, the play is a semi-autographical tale about the havoc caused by a woman's desperate search for love and connection. I, and fellow creatives Jo Williams and Brian Gorman, workshopped the script and formed Crimson Flower Theatre Company. After Hacked Off debuted at The Crown Hotel, Denbigh, in 2005, I went on to perform the play with different casts at various intimate venues in Crete, North Wales and the Republic of Ireland. It's been a fantastic journey so far!

Projects & Research

I absolutely love learning! I’m fascinated by philosophy and take great delight in deep diving into concepts of creativity and how we communicate. This avid interest in theory and generating new knowledge through practice has led me down many varied educational pathways. 

MA Theatre Practice: Performance and Scenography (Aberystwyth University 2020-21) 

During the Lockdown in the summer of 2020, I decided to take time out and immerse myself in a one-year MA in Theatre Practice: Performance and Scenography at Aberystwyth University. This fantastic practice-based course was designed to enable personal and professional development through the sustained exercise of creative practice in contemporary performance from design and installation, to acting, writing, and directing.


It was fascinating to explore the four aspects of theatre and performance: Space, Material, Form, and Time. We investigated intersecting and intertwining the elements and explored what happens when we assemble them differently. I discovered that where we put things matters!  

Screenshot 2022-09-27 at 11.43.43.png

Kate's Kitchen Capers

Creative Production Project:

A series of podcasts about Qi Gong, spoons and their many types and uses brought to you from my student kitchen in Aberystwyth!  

The project BIOS-3 was inspired by the experimental closed ecosystem conducted between 1965 and 1972 at the Institute of Biophysics in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. It involved the important task of growing and harvesting seeds for food. Then there are the moments in-between while we wait for the plants to grow! Which, for me, has involved researching the practice of Qigong and the spoon. The results? Some serious play, a bit of philosophy, and lots of tea! Come on in...the kettle's on! 

As She - Posts-7.png

Solo Sock Party

Engaging Publics:

In this module, we asked: what is a public, how do we engage a public, and importantly, would they want to engage with us?

An applied drama project researching how we can create an interactive, experiential event celebrating solo living. The Solo Sock Party

As She - Posts-8.png
Screenshot 2022-09-27 at 12.12.22.png

Steel. Site. Speaks

Creative Production Project:

Exploring site-specific performance politics, place, and practice, asking: can we make site speak, and if so, how?


Examining the Lefebvrian approach, the concept of the ‘horizon of meaning’ and the practices of Mike Pearson as a Practice as Research performative lecture. Can we give a ‘voice’ to a place and the people who inhabit it - past and present? 

Projects & Research

Postgraduate Diploma: Creative Practices in Education (University of Chester, 2016-2018)

Always keen to develop my interest in new learning and collaboration, I embarked on a Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Practices in Education at the University of Chester in 2016. It was a fantastic course exploring educational pedagogies, methodologies and theories, and the very nature of creativity. One of my key research projects was to devise and deliver English Language workshops through Drama activities for international students at the university: The International Drama Party.  

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