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discover your unique voice
tap into your creative spark
release your inner potential



Uncovering the story of your life is a journey of  observing the present, exploring the past, and visioning into the future. 


As a creative life guide, I’m passionate about this process and believe there are three powerful questions that can lead us there. 

Who are you?

Where have you come from?

Where are you going


observing who you are in this moment, your talents, skills, quirks, and flaws.


exploring where you have come from,  and the experience that has built the foundation of you


visioning into the future; imagining the fullest spectrum of possibility

For Individuals

Living Uniquely As You

Discover how to find more satisfaction, success, surprise and peace in your life!

A 1hr Guiding session (in-person or online) including a 3-page Human Design ‘Snap Shot’ Reading (PDF)

Price: £165

Would you like to discover ways of staying true to you as you navigate this increasingly chaotic and uncertain world? Deep dive into your Human Design chart with me and reveal your own voice. Learning how to navigate life more smoothly and effectively and improving your decision-making skills.

'Wow - what a fantastic insight into the true me!'


Carol, North Wales 

For Groups

Your Map To You

A creativity workshop designed for YOU to discover your unique voice! 

These workshops are run in various locations throughout the year. Sign up below for details of the next workshop.

Fusing drama games, creativity, the esoteric and the basics of the Human Design System the aim of this session is to create a dynamic space for participants to experience and explore a personal inner journey, experiment with setting intentions, and interact with others in a positive, transformational way. 

‘It was fun, creative, energizing and brought together a small community of locals. Many of us didn’t know each other but felt like friends by the end of the night! A fantastic workshop!


D. Hoffer, Monaco

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