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cultivating creativity, confidence & collaboration in your work place

At some point all company directors and managers will face issues such as managing stress in the workplace; ensuring work-life balance; effective communication between teams;  and providing opportunities for development, creativity and continuous improvement.


My work inside of organisations is designed to address and solve these concerns through interactive training programs using drama activities and embodied learning. Drawn from many years of experience working with individuals, groups and organisations I have developed a versatile workshop approach which can be adapted to meet the unique requirements of a business or organisation.   

Inside of a safe and supportive environment participants explore ideas and concepts in a dynamic and practical way. 

Activities are designed to deliver quick resulting skills development such as cooperation and teamwork, personal responsibility and effectiveness, building rapport, and promoting unique self-empowerment and expression. And importantly, to be of lasting value to you, your organisation and your people.   


observing who you are in this moment, your talents, skills, quirks, and flaws.


exploring where you have come from, the history and experience that has built the foundations of you


visioning into the future; imagining the fullest spectrum of possibility

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To bring me into your organisation or explore what this partnership might look like, please feel free to reach out.


I have a friendly, relaxed approach – an informal discovery session over coffee on or offline is often a great way to find out what your next steps look like.

Next Steps
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